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Bellissima Puccia Passion: GARLIC BREAD Cheesy PUCCIA!


Topped Puccias are the easiest way to turn your snacks, lunch or dinner in a fancy break!

Get inspired by Bellissima Puccia Passion and follow the Bellissima Puccia weekly recipes!

See HOW to make it a Topped Garlic Cheesy Puccia Night!

Preheat the oven at 200/250 C depending on your appliances

  • Take 1 Puccia and let it breathe for a couple of mins

  • Make 3 linear cuts on the top

  • Drop some olive oil in the cuts (2 teaspoon= 6gr EVO)

  • Fill the gaps with garlic butter cut (20g) and diced mozzarella (1 espresso coffee cup =30gr)

  • Bake it for 5 mins for a fluff result or 8 mins for a more crunchy one

  • Serve hot!

Enjoy Bellissima Garlic Bread Cheesy Puccia!

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