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Hand Made in Italy by
Master Pizza Chefs

It was 1996 when Otello, a highly-skilled pizza chef, opened his Pizzeria in a small village, San Severino Marche, in Central Italy.

san severino
pizza dough

The superior quality of the ingredients and complete hand making process:those were the key features upon which the success of the pizzeria had to be founded. Otello focused his efforts on the pizza dough’s preparation, the most time consuming and skill requiring step: this is where the idea of a pre-made, fresh pizza base was born.

The pizza was so good, that all the locals started asking Otello if they could purchase his pizza bases to cook at home! After all, pizza and Italians, is a love affair that goes beyond dining out!
In the coming years Otello’s restaurant, thanks to the help of our co-founders, Stefano and Enrico, become a MEGA PIZZERIA (as we like to call it) – a state of the art production facility where almost 100% of the production process is carried out by hand by our master pizzaiolos.

pizza dough

Some of our partnerships


Our products are in fact used by most of the major Food Service operators (Hotels, Restaurants, Pubs, etc) worldwide with our pizza products.

We have now decided to take Pizza Bellissima professional style pizza experience to your home, with our convenient and easy to use pizza kit.
You can now bake a real Artisan Italian Pizza, in 5 minutes in the comfort of your home.

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